Indo-China joint military drills in Jammu and Kashmir

Indo-China joint military drills in Jammu and Kashmir

NEW DELHI: In a surprise move India has started to carry out joint exercise with China in the Jammu and Kashmir region of Ladakh.

Indian and Chinese Armies have started their first ever joint exercise in the disputed region of the Jammu and Kashmir .

India and China today carried out a joint army exercise in eastern Ladakh in Jammu Kashmir – a move that comes amid hectic diplomatic manoeuvring between the two countries over a host of issues like Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and designation of Masood Azhar as a terrorist by the UN, according to The Times of India.

India had to face huge embarrassment at the hands of China and Russia in the BRICS summit when Indian PM Narendra Modi labelled Pakistan as the mothership of the terrorism in the region and was expecting from both China and Russia to ratify Indian stance of terrorism against Pakistan.

Both China and Russia refused to include any such information in the joint declaration of the BRICS summit and to the utter disappointment of the Modi even mention of the Uri attack was not included in the joint GOA declaration.


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