Pakistan’s sacrifices in war against terrorism are unparallel: Analysts

Pakistan’s sacrifices in war against terrorism are unparallel: Analysts

Trump’s statement regarding Pakistan is very unfortunate but this attitude is quite expected. The US administration wants to scapegoat Pakistan to hide its own failures in Afghanistan.

The global political scenario is shifting from unipolar to multi polar. Russia and China are emerging as regional and global powers which are a threat to US’s interests in the region. U.S is envious of China’s increasing influence in the world and maligning Pakistan to please India for maintaining its power in the region.

The geo political realities of the region suggest that US has failed to sustain peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan has facilitated US government and rendered matchless sacrifices in the war against terrorism which must be appreciated and recognized by the US administration.”

Trump’s immature and irresponsible statement about Pakistan indicates that Trump’s policies are based on discrimination. Trump is occupied with the people having great affiliation with India. Trumps statements are reflection of anti-Pakistan sentiments prevailing in White house.

This is an irresponsible diplomatic behavior which is further escalating situation in the region. We have rendered matchless sacrifices and lost too much in the war against terrorism . The US administration must realize that it cannot resolve Afghan dispute without the support of Pakistan. Instead of blaming Pakistan, the Washington must revise its policies regarding Pakistan and review its reasons for failures in Afghanistan.

The PM Imran Khan’s response to Trump’s baseless allegations against Pakistan is appreciable and it is representation of the entire nation. Despite of using force and technology, U.S failed to achieve its goals and maintain peace in Afghanistan.

It is failure of the US administration that Taliban still have strong hold in Afghanistan and US supported government has failed to establish its writ in Afghanistan. The Trump administration is envious of Pak-China strengthening bilateral ties. The US government must realize that the political situation of the region has changed and we are not dependent on Washinton anymore.

The Russian and Chinese involvement in Afghanistan is against US’s regional interest.USA tilt towards India is destabilizing the balance of power in the region.

Pakistan has always endorsed and supported every initiative taken for regional peace. Our matchless sacrifices in the war against terrorism must be recognized and appreciated. Pakistan facilitated U.S in a very crucial time that must be acknowledged by US administration.

Trump’s statements regarding Pakistan are very discouraging and indicate that India lobby is very active and influential in White house. Pakistan is a responsible nuclear state and we believe in peaceful relations with all countries but these relations should be based on mutual respect and integrity. We are committed to support every step and measure taken to sustain peace in the region.

Trump’s attitude towards Pakistan is unacceptable. US administration must realize that USA cannot achieve its goals without Pakistan’s support and alliance.