Pakistan Foreign Minister responds back to US President Donald Trump tweet against Pakistan

Pakistan Foreign Minister responds back to US President Donald Trump tweet against Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Foreign Affairs Shah Mehmood Qureshi Monday said Pakistan could not be made responsible for the failure in Afghanistan as the former had been striving for a positive role in the Afghan reconciliation process.

Commenting on a tweet of US President Donald Trump, the foreign minister told a private television channel that the international community, including the United States, had already acknowledged Pakistan’s role in war against terrorism.

He said tough the US administration was cognizant of Pakistan's sacrifices but they did not acknowledge the same.

It was essential for Pakistan to tell the world as what sacrifices it had given in the war against terror.

Qureshi said the US would have faced more losses in Afghanistan, had Pakistan not provided its support at the cost its own huge losses.

He said as the US was about to go through elections, so the internal politics could also be the reasons behind the current tirade against Pakistan.

To a question, the foreign minister said Pakistan had desired for a positive engagement with India but the Indian government backtracked even after agreeing for engagement.

He said the engagement with Saudi Arabia, China and the United Arab Emirates remained low during the previous government in the absence of full time foreign minister.

However, the outcomes of the prime minister's recent visits would come forth soon, he added.

The foreign minister said Pakistan desired good diplomatic ties with the US but it was also necessary to keep the record straight.

He said Pakistan would formulate its foreign policy keeping in view its interest.

To a question, he said using the formal diplomatic channels was a suitable mode of engagement; however, now a new mode (Twitter) had entered.

The prime minister explained the facts through Twitter in response to the US president’s Tweet.

He said Pakistan was ready to listen to the concerns of the US administration.