Indian Man kills wife for refusing to have sex

Indian Man kills wife for refusing to have sex

NEW DELHI - Indian Police say a man in the northern Indian state of Haryana killed his wife after she refused to have sex with him.

Sanjiv Kumar, 35, allegedly strangled his wife, Suman, during a fight on Tuesday.

The man confessed to the crime after he was arrested, police officer Ramesh Jaglan told the BBC.

“She had been refusing sex for a while. On Tuesday, she refused again, which irritated him and he strangled her. We have arrested him,” Jaglan said.

The couple had been married for more than a decade. They have two children.

The crime occurred in Haryana’s Jogna Khera village, where the family had been living.

A case of domestic violence is reported to the police in India every five minutes, but activists say the real numbers are even higher.

India introduced a new law in 2005 to protect women from domestic violence, but it has failed to stem the tide of violence because cases registered under it are not treated as criminal.