Afghan Chief Executive level serious allegations against Pakistan

Afghan Chief Executive level serious allegations against Pakistan

KABUL - The Chief Executive of the Government of National Unity of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah blames Pakistan helped in return of the Taliban insurgency, Khaama Press has reported.

Speaking during the Halifax International Security Forum in Canada, Abdullah said the Taliban group returned and resumed its insurgency in Afghanistan due to the  neighboring Pakistan.

Abdullah further added that the decision to withdraw forces from Afghanistan in 2014 also had a negative impact on security of Afghanistan.

In the meantime, Abdullah said the Afghan government is optimistic regarding the strategy of Washington about South Asia.

According to Abdullah, the new strategy announced by President Trump will hopefully increase pressures on Taliban and its supporters to opt for the reconciliation process.

The Afghan and US officials have long been insisting that the leadership councils of the Taliban and the notorious Haqqani terrorist network are based in the key cities of Pakistan where from they plan and coordinate attacks in Afghanistan.