Pakistan summons Indian High Commissioner, lodges strong protest

Pakistan summons Indian High Commissioner, lodges strong protest

ISLAMABAD - The Acting Foreign Secretary summoned Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad today (Wednesday) to lodge Pakistan’s strong protest and condemnations against the acquittal of all four accused in Samjhota Terror Attacks by the Special National Investigation Agency Court.

The Acting Foreign Secretary stressed that Pakistan had consistently raised the lack of progress and the subsequent, concerted attempts by India to exonerate the perpetrators of this heinous terrorist act in which forty four innocent Pakistanis lost their lives.

He said the systemic Indian decision to gradually exonerate and finally acquit the perpetrators, is not only a gross reflection of India’s callous insensitivity to the plight of the forty four families of the deceased Pakistanis but also reflective of the Indian state policy of promoting and protecting Hindu terrorists.

He called upon India to explore judicial remedies to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

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