Pakistani boy sexually assaulted inside a mosque washroom in Dubai

Pakistani boy sexually assaulted inside a mosque washroom in Dubai

DUBAI - A Sudanese man, who worked as a boat maintenance technician, sexually assaulted the Pakistani boy after dragging him by force inside the washroom of a mosque in Dubai.

He was stopped after some youths spotted him and knocked on the cubicle's door, Khaleej Times has reported.

The Court of First Instance found him guilty of charges of kidnap, encroaching on a minor's freedom by deceit and attempted sexual assault.

He will be deported after serving his term.

The incident took place on March 5, 2017, in Al Waheeda, Al Muraqqabat.

"It was around noon when I was sitting in my friend's car outside a mosque. The defendant was in his car talking to the boy (the victim) who was standing nearby. The two of them went later to the washroom. But I was then surprised to see them them entering a cubicle together.

"I told my friend to film it on his phone while I knocked on the door. The accused came out looking scared and agitated - when I knocked - and asked him how many persons were inside. The man replied it was just him, but I had seen the boy inside.

"The accused then ran out and drove off," a 19-year-old Iranian student told the prosecutor.

The police were called after the boy's father came later to pick him up.

The boy's 52-year-old father (an employee) said his son was waiting for his driver, to go to school, when the defendant lured him by offering to show him a clip on his phone.

"He then followed him inside the restroom, gagged him, made him enter the cubicle with him and locked the door behind."