Veteran Mohammad Hafeez indirectly mocks PM Imran Khan’s tweet

Veteran Mohammad Hafeez indirectly mocks PM Imran Khan’s tweet

LONDON - All-rounder Mohammad Hafeez—while obliquely criticizing premier—stated that nobody takes decision after reading tweets.

He made these remarks after skipper Sarfraz had faced severe backlash over ignoring Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan’s advice and deciding to bowl first against India.

“Our skipper and team management took the best decision. We, as a team, did not perform well. To blame one player for the fiasco isn’t right”, added the professor. [image: Embedded video] link

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Hafeez went on to say that all players have to take responsibility for victory.

Replying to a question, Hafeez dispelled rumors of rift and grouping within the team. He said, “"Whenever we lose this talk of 'grouping' emerges," he said. "This is mere chatter."

Furthermore, Hafeez refused to give up on his World Cup dream, saying that "we are still in it with a chance and will play better cricket [from here on]."