Priyanka Chopra's memoir 'Unfinished' to release in 2019

Priyanka Chopra's memoir 'Unfinished' to release in 2019

NEW DELHI: After successful stints in Bollywood and Hollywood, actress Priyanka Chopra will now be venturing into the world of writing books.

The 35-year-old actress who currently stars as FBI agent Alex Parris in ABC thriller Quantico will be writing a memoir, detailing her journey to fame.

According to Chopra, she hopes to “inspire people ― especially women,” with her memoir.

The memoir, titled Unfinished, will be published simultaneously in India, the US and Britain next year, according to the Times of India. 

In a press release, the former Miss India said, “The flavour of the book will be honest, funny, spirited, bold and rebellious, just like me. I have always been a private person. I’ve never spoken about my feelings during my journey, but I am ready to do so now.”

“I was raised to be fearless when it came to opinions and I would like to tell my story in the hope of inspiring people–especially women–to change the conversation, to shatter glass ceilings. Women are always told we can’t have everything. I want everything, and I believe anyone else can have it too. I’m a proof of it,” the actress added.

Chopra’s previous writing stints include columns for Indian publication The Hindustan Times and Pret-a-Priyanka for among others.

Unfinished will be released in 2019.

The actress will next share the screen with Salman Khan in Bharat.