Peshawar High Court orders NAB to investigate ‘shady’ BRT project

Peshawar High Court orders NAB to investigate ‘shady’ BRT project

ISLAMABAD: The Peshawar High Court has ordered that the National Accountability Bureau investigate the construction of a BRT system in the city.

In its order, the judges said they feel it is “appropriate to refer the matter to the NAB authorities” to conduct a proper investigation.

The order stated that only 50% of the work has been completed as yet but the project was supposed to be completed by June 24.

Initially, Rs49.3 billion was approved for the project, but the cost was later revised to Rs67.9 billion. The court said it had been informed that the project’s contract was awarded to a firm that had been black-listed in other provinces in the same kind of work.

“The amount has been allocated for this project without considering the fact that other projects were also necessary and important for public purposes,” read the order.

The delays in the project as well as other issues relating to the Peshawar BRT were deemed “shady and shaky” by the court.

The court told NAB to investigate the matter and submit a report before the next hearing, which is scheduled on September 5.


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