Modi faces no-confidence vote as opposition mounts pressure

Modi faces no-confidence vote as opposition mounts pressure

NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi faces a no-confidence vote on Friday as the opposition ramps up pressure and challenges his administration ahead of general elections early next year.

Modi’s government has a clear majority in the 545-member lower house of parliament, but the opposition is hoping to make political gains by focusing attention on slow job growth and deteriorating law and order.

The opposition, including the Congress party led by Rahul Gandhi , will use the debate to pressure Modi on issues including women’s safety, mob lynchings and the restive state of Jammu and Kashmir.

This would be Modi government's first no-confidence motion in past four years.

Since December, Modi’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has faced a number of challenges after a relatively smooth first couple of years in office. He narrowly won his home state of Gujarat in December with a thin majority, lost crucial by-elections in some states and failed to form the government after winning the most seats in Karnataka’s state election in May.

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