Fakhar Zaman breaks silence after making historic World Record

Fakhar Zaman breaks silence after making historic World Record

HARRARE - Fakhar Zaman has broken silence after making a historic World Record today.

He said that he feels proud to break the batting record of a legend like Saeed Anwar.

“I feel very good. Feel proud that I have surpassed the record of a legend like Saeed Anwar,” Fakhar said in a video interview released by Pakistan Cricket Board.

Zaman said that never gave a thought of making and breaking records when he started playing cricket as his aim was just to get a chance of playing first class cricket . link link

“When I started, I only wanted to play a FC match, and when I did it, I started thinking of playing an international game to get the status of an international player, never thought of playing this much or creating a world record,” he said after scoring an unbeaten 210 against Zimbabwe.

Fakhar played the highest ever-individual ODI innings for Pakistan on Friday. He also added world record 304 runs for the opening stand with Imam ul Haq.

Talking about his innings, the flamboyant batsman said that he didn’t plan for a 200.

“200 was not in my mind actually. I planned for 100, and then after completing the century, I kept on moving the scoreboard without keeping anything in my mind,” he said when asked about his record-breaking innings.

“Instruction was to play as long as I can. I was trying to get a good start for the team. Imam played well too with me,” he added with a promise of giving, even more, better performance in future games.