In a big surprise, Serene Air makes historic record within short span of 2 years

In a big surprise, Serene Air makes historic record within short span of 2 years

ISLAMABAD - In a big surprise, Serene Air makes historuc record within short span of 2 years as it became the largest private airline of Pakistan.

Serene Air is capturing the local market consistently as it recorded double-digit growth of 29 percent for passenger traffic in 2019.

According to the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, the airline provided services to 1.75 million passengers in the financial year 2018-19 as compared with 1.35 million passengers in 2017-18.

The airline operated 5,686 flights in six cities in FY19 compared to 5,457 flights recorded in FY18. Hence, the flight frequency of the airline recorded a modest increase of 4 percent which shows that seat reservation of the airline witnessed a remarkable growth including its profitability.

Serene Air has become the second-largest local airline after Pakistan International Airlines. Established in 2017, it operates domestic flights in six cities including federal and provincial capitals.

The airline is in competition with other airlines such as PIA and Airblue to grab the market share which was created due to the closure of Shaheen Air.

The passenger demand is higher compared to the availability of flights, which caused airfares to increase compared to last year whereas a small section of the passengers moved to other means of transportation such as railway and intercity buses due to low purchasing power.

It is pertinent to mention here that overall, domestic flights decreased in the early months of 2019 due to tensions between Pakistan and India which caused a suspension of flights on various routes.