Analysts urge UN to play role in stopping human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir

Analysts urge UN to play role in stopping human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir

Women empowerment is not an issue which is to be endorsed by the United Nations. Women in Pakistan are working in all fields, including media, military and other departments. Social and political spaces of expression for women have increasingly been squeezed in Pakistan over the years.

Empowering women with better education, being sensitive towards their health problems, ensuring equal job opportunities and respecting their rights will go a long way in transforming Pakistan. As far as Kashmir issue is concerned, it is unfortunate that United States is unable to resolve Kashmir dispute even in accordance with its own resolutions. India does not want the intervention of any third party to resolve Kashmir dispute.

Pakistan, being an important country of the region, is playing a leading role for regional peace and stability and its role and sacrifices in war against terror are no more hidden.

There is no denying the fact that Pakistan is the only country that has successfully been fighting a crucial war against terror with its own resources. Pakistani nation has rendered remarkable sacrifices to defeat terrorism. As far as regional violent conflicts in Afghanistan are concerned, United Nations must have to play a pro-active role in resolving this issue for the sake of regional peace and stability.

The human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir have been increasing with every passing day but UN is not playing its productive role as it should have to play in this regard.

Pakistan is the country that is giving representations to women in all departments. The women should be provided equal opportunities so that they can play their vital role in country’s development. Experience has reaffirmed that countries progress fast where women are educated and receive equal treatment as men. We have the example of several countries that have hugely benefited as a result of women being given equal rights.

Pakistan has had some great women role models and they have struggled for every inch of the way and we are proud of all such Pakistani women. These outstanding women make Pakistani men and other women proud and, in turn, teach us all how to stand tall in the face of troubles.

UN President represents an important international forum. Women constitute almost half of the Pakistani population, their development is pivotal to Pakistan being able to achieve its true potential as a nation-state. No country in the world has achieved significant growth and prosperity without empowering and engaging its women.

The government has encouraged women to enter the public sector and an increasing number of women are now joining Pakistan’s civil and military institutions. Women are also being encouraged to participate in political activity through a special quota in parliament. As for as Kashmir dispute is concerned, United Nations is unable to resolve this dispute and unfortunately international community is also silent over Indian human right violations in Held Kashmir, which is quite alarming.

UN President. Maria Fernanda Espinosa is a professional personality. She has realized that Pakistan is playing a significant role as UN member, in bringing peace through active diplomatic, moral and material support in various regions of the world. Pakistan is not a third world country.

It is the time that United States must avoid adopting double standards towards Pakistan. Pakistan’s position as one of the largest troop contributing country in the world with one of the highest peacekeepers’ casualty figure is testimony to its commitment and endeavors towards promoting the noble cause of global peace. However, although Pakistan extends a cordial hand of friendship to the US whenever it needs support, the US always steps back when it no longer needs a Pakistani role in an issue, and relations decline.

U.S has failed to value Pakistan’s interests and has kept on making demands. “Do more” has been the message of the US leadership in recent years, without understanding Pakistan’s capacity to comply, or its own interests.