New Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed breaks silence over the judicial verdicts

New Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed breaks silence over the judicial verdicts

Karachi - Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Asif Saeed Khosa has said that the allegations levelled against him of influencing the high treason case verdict against Pervez Musharraf are not true and purely based on false assertions.

He added, “A malicious campaign has been initiated against the judiciary but the truth shall finally prevail."

The remarks of the chief justice came after the Additional Attorney General (AAG) Amir Rehman criticised Khosa for influencing the judgment during the full court reference on Friday.

The CJ said that the judiciary decided thousands of cases that were pending since 25 years. He said the judiciary always worked for the promotion of justice system in the country.

The CJ said that a judge's heart should be like a lion. “I apologize for any mistakes that I made during my tenure as chief justice," he remarked.

The outgoing chief justice said that he had always “strived to live up to my oath of office and have tried to dispense justice according to law and without fear or favour, affection or ill-will".

“It is not for me to lay any claim on correctness of my legal opinions but I only hope that posterity may judge me with kindness and may appreciate the sincerity of the efforts made," he added.

“An all out effort was made to put our own house in order with an approach focusing mainly on improving the justice delivery system," he said, adding that during his tenure as the country's top judge “the image of [the Supreme] court as a dignified judicial forum sitting at the apex of judicial hierarchy was maintained, the principle of separation of powers was adhered to, judicial restraint was exercised and dignity and respect was ensured for all appearing before the Court as lawyers, litigants or officials."

On the occasion, the new Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed said that state has the responsibility to protect the Constitution.

He said the judiciary decides cases on merit and taking into consideration the legal circumstances.

“Rule of law, protection of Constitution and independence of the judiciary, are the foremost tasks with which this court is constantly confronted with.

“This court has, in the past, addressed these challenges and shall continue to address these challenges with all due dignity and profoundness," he said. He also insisted that the “state should build and provide for civic and civil infrastructure". Justice Ahmed is currently hearing multiple cases pertaining to illegal encroachments and lack of infrastructure in urban cities.

He said the state must adopt a “humanistic approach," emphasising that “corruption and illegalities, in all the departments of the State, need to be seriously addressed and eliminated".

Earlier, AAG Amir Rehman said, “With a heavy heart, I would like to say that the chief justice supported the short order of the case and used his influence in the verdict."

He said that special court's verdict in Musharraf treason case is against the Constitution. He added the basic principles of evidence have been ignored in Article 10A in the said judgment.

The additional attorney general said, “A judge who authored such a judgment has no right to remain a judge of a superior court."

He stated that the verdict clearly shows an element of revenge. Amir Rehman pointed out that the procedure of carrying out the conviction which is stated in the judgment is against humanity and illegal.

He said that the judgment is against the principles of criminal justice system. “In the past, the tenure of several judges were extended."

On Thursday, the special court announced its detailed verdict in the said case. In its judgment, the court ordered to hang Musharraf's body in D-Chowk if he dies before undergoing the said punishment.