Fresh round of US-Taliban talks to further Afghan peace process: Analysts

Fresh round of US-Taliban talks to further Afghan peace process: Analysts

Afghanistan is Pakistan's neighboring country and peace in Afghanistan is in the best interest. The fresh round of talks with Afghan Taliban is a good step on the part of the United States. Both Pakistan and Afghanistan should take measures to reduce trust deficit and strengthen counter-terrorism cooperation.

Neighboring countries, like China, should extend all possible cooperation to Islamabad and Kabul to build trust and confidence between the two countries. Better Pakistan-Afghanistan Border Management and intelligence-sharing will be greatly beneficial for both the countries.

Both Pakistan and Afghanistan have diplomatic, moral and political relations. Pakistan has always tried to build cordial ties with all regional countries, including India and Afghanistan. Pakistan has been direct victim of terrorism in Afghanistan.

US President Donald Trump has also realized importance of Pakistan in promoting peace in Afghanistan. All Pakistan military and civil leadership are on the same page regarding brining peace in Afghanistan. The success of fresh round of Afghan peace talks will cast positive impact on the entire region. The United States wants safe exit from Afghanistan by holding talks with Afghan Taliban. Pakistan is willing to play facilitating role in Afghanistan.

In recent times, some high-level meetings and conferences were held to find ways and means to eliminate terrorism and promote peace in Afghanistan. Fresh round of peace talks between Afghan Taliban and US officials carry huge significance as far as peace in Afghanistan is concerned.

Pakistan is playing pro-active role in Afghan peace process in collaboration with other regional stakeholders, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. During his meetings with Pakistani officials at Abu Dhabi, Zalmay Khalilzad briefed them on fresh round of talks with the Afghan officials.

Afghan Taliban had adopted strict stance during the talks and demanded of the US to immediately release all Afghan Taliban prisoners. The United States should show flexibility in its attitude and accept demands of the Afghan Taliban, including immediate release of Afghan prisoners and withdrawal of US forces from the war-torn country.

Peace and stability of Afghanistan is in the best interest of Pakistan and the entire region. Pakistan will continue to support Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace process for regional stability. Pakistan wants peace and prosperous Afghanistan. The United States and other global powers should play their role in promoting peace in Afghanistan. There is no military solution to Afghanistan.

The United States has failed to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan through use of force. Only politically-negotiated settlement of the Afghan conflict can promote peace in the war-torn country. No one can deny the fact that peace and stability of Afghanistan was highly important for the development and security of the neighboring and the regional countries.

Taliban and Afghan government are the major stakeholders in Afghanistan. The first and ultimate demand of Taliban is withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan and we have to wait and see the US response in this regard. Trump Administration should make serious efforts to restore peace in Afghanistan for respectful withdrawal of NATO forces.

The coming years will be on determining significance for political reconciliation in Afghanistan, and deserves special attention from all stakeholders. United States has sought Pakistan’s support in bringing Taliban on negotiating table. It means that Pakistan’s importance as an important regional stakeholder cannot be ignored.