Pakistan cricket gets 17 more matches as per the revised ICC FTP

Pakistan cricket gets 17 more matches as per the revised ICC FTP

ISLAMABAD - PCB will play 17 more matches than the previously proposed FTP draft for Pakistan, it has been revealed. Pakistan had the most number of matches added to their schedule with two Tests, five ODIs and 10 T20Is added to their tally. Pakistan’s 104 international matches between May 2019 and May 2023 have now been increased to 121.

This still leaves Pakistan trailing their rivals in terms of matches but the gap is now much less pronounced. In fact, they can count themselves in the same tier as South Africa (122), Australia (123) and Bangladesh (124). India (151) and West Indies (149) though still remain miles ahead of the rest in terms of matches.

However, PCB’s bilateral arrangement with Cricket West Indies is not included in the arrangement, which means Pakistan may end up leapfrogging Australia, South Africa and Bangladesh in terms of total matches played.

Also not included are the 19 matches that Pakistan and India had agreed to play, which now seems a distinctly improbable scenario unless political ties between the two countries improve. However, the ICC’s dispute resolution committee may also step in to resolve the issue.

Under the new schedule, Pakistan play 30 Tests, 43 ODIs and 48 T20Is, which according to a PCB official could have been even higher had there not been three ICC tournaments in the cycle.