Afghan Army claims killing 1600 Daesh terrorists

Afghan Army claims killing 1600 Daesh terrorists

ISLAMABAD -  The Afghan Ministry of Defense (MoD) on Wednesday claimed thousands of militants, including 300 commanders, have been killed and 8,500 others wounded during the past nine months.

Maj. Gen. Dawlat Waziri, MoD spokesman, told reporters here that the militants suffered these casualties during around 3,000 ground and nearly 4,000 air attacks during the period.

He did not provide exact figures of the rebels killed, but said the dead insurgents included 1,600 Daesh fighters and the rest were Taliban.

Waziri said 1,900 militants were captured, 10,000 different bombs defused and 1,300 light and heavy weapons, 275 vehicles, 778 motorcycles and 102 walkie-talkies seized during that period. He added 3.5 tons of narcotics were also seized this solar year.

No militant group has so far commented about Waziri’s claims. The insurgents usually reject their casualty figures provided by the government.

Waziri also did not provide information about Afghan forces and civilians casualties during the conflict this year.

He said 1,500 military officers graduated from national and foreign higher education institutes this year, when 1,300 officers were enrolled in higher educational institutes and currently 6,000 Afghans were imparted higher military education inside the country and 527 abroad.

The MoD spokesman said 1,100 security and terrorist incidents were neutralized and half of more than 2,000 conviction cases addressed this year.

He added the MoD took serious steps against corruption during the period, saving three billion afghanis in contracts.

The ministry paid 200,000 afghanis to families of 742 Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers heirs each, 20 families of martyrs provided with housing facility, 742 families distributed land plots, 132 people of these families were sent abroad for higher education and 180 sent for hajj, he said.

 He said the salaries of military officers were increased by five percents and civil officers by 100 percents.