Former Skipper Ramiz Raja warns Pakistan Cricket Board

Former Skipper Ramiz Raja warns Pakistan Cricket Board

ISLAMABAD: Former captain Ramiz Raja has warned Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) not to think about awarding dual role of coach and chief selector to the same individual as it is not viable in Pakistan.

“Pakistan cricket is standing at the crossroads and it is the decision making time. A big decision has already been taken to revamp the first class cricket. But still one or two big decisions are yet to be taken as who will be the coach or members of National Selection Committee,” the cricketer-turned commentator said in a YouTube video.

“It is being said that both, the coach and chief selector posts will be given to a single individual. This idea is practical in Western bloc where the administration is professional and checks and balances are properly in place and no individual can digress.

“But experimenting that in Pakistan cricket will not be out of danger as it is impractical and unsuitable here. Such a thing has never been seen or tried here before,” he added.

Ramiz said that Misbah-ul-Haq’s name was circulating for the dual responsibilities. “I’ve no complaint against him as he led the national side at a very difficult time. But his methodology was to sit and wait for the opposition’s mistake. That is how he won several contests in UAE. But Pakistan cricket needs a new direction. There is aggression in Pakistan’s DNA. And you have to prepare a game plan according to that (aggression) and bring in individuals who can implement that.”

He asked PCB to bring a think-tank which could introduce modern day cricket. “The higher ranked teams play very different cricket from Pakistan. They play attractive and entertaining cricket according to the strike rate.”

He said Misbah had been playing safe and secure cricket and was successful only in a particular condition adding that now there was a need to change the mindset and adopt a fresh approach. “There is a big difference between winning at home and emerging victorious at away. Unless they (Pakistan players) perform well at away tours and win they will be not able to earn respect and increase fan following.”

The 57-year-old said that Pakistan would have to give up old style of sitting and waiting for opposition’s mistakes and instead adopt a fearless approach like Indian team and their captain Virat Kohli. “Whether it is National Selection Committee, coach or other individuals you have to adopt this natural instinctive method. This is the only way through which Pakistan cricket, particularly test cricket can revive and improve its fortunes.”