Dealer vehicle registration system initiated in Punjab

Dealer vehicle registration system initiated in Punjab

LAHORE: (APP) Car dealers have welcomed the Dealer Vehicle Registration System (DVRS), being initiated in Punjab.

Rana Rafaqat of Bilal Motors, Dildar Hussain and other dealers and buyers at Samanabad car market told APP here on Saturday that it was a public-friendly initiative of the government.

They said that through the system, citizens would be able to register their vehicles at the dealership and they need not to stand in long queues at the Excise & Taxation Office.

An official said that the system was for the new vehicles' registration only, but it would also facilitate the transfer of used vehicles as well.

"When the burden of registration of new vehicles at Excise and Taxation Department's motor vehicle branch will be reduced, the officials and customers will be at ease," he said.

The software for this system has been developed by Punjab Information Technology Board.

Excise, Taxation & Narcotics Control Department has done a successful trial run of the system.

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