Saba Qamar - Mahira Khan cat fight on Instagram

Saba Qamar - Mahira Khan cat fight on Instagram

*LAHORE:* Pakistani actress Saba Qamar is known to be quite vocal about her opinions and does not shy away from voicing her mind. In her latest post she has taken a shot at Mahira Khan .

As* Hindi Medium* crosses INR 3 billion at the box office, beating Mahira Khan’s *Raees*, Saba couldn’t help but take a jibe at Mahira. In a post on Instagram, Saba shared this news with the caption, “Q: Kya aapki filmain bhi 100 crore kamati? A: Yes! I don’t like insulting jokes. #respectoneanother #nocomparisonsplease.”

According to reports, Saba posted this as a reply to Mahira’s rap segment from the LSAs last year where she took a dig at her contemporaries as it was Mahira’s film which had the highest box office collections then.

However, Saba’s *Hindi Medium* has now beaten Mahira Khan’s ‘*Raees*‘ at the box office. Interestingly, a large chunk of Hindi Medium’s international collection has come from China.

Saba has since then deleted the post from her Instagram. However, other pages on Instagram have shared the picture proving that once something is put up on social media, it is hard to eradicate it