PM Modi hit back hard at home over his fake surgical strike claims against Pakistan

PM Modi hit back hard at home over his fake surgical strike claims against Pakistan

NEW DELHI - Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been hit back hard at home by Congress leaders over his "boastful" claims of the 2016 'surgical strike' in Pakistani territory, a claim repeated by Modi on the sidelines of the ongoing Commonwealth summit.

During an event in London on Wednesday, Modi had said said that india would hit back at terrorism and will respond to them "in the language they understand", referring to the 2016 so-called surgical strikes across the Line of Control (LoC).

He had claimed that before making the news of the 'surgical strikes' public, India had repeatedly attempted to contact Pakistan government to inform them about the operation.

Pakistan's Foreign Office (FO), however, rejected the claims on Thursday, saying: "Constant repetition of a fallacious claim does not make it real. The Indian government is increasingly sounding like a broken record."

On Friday, India's opposition Congress party also denounced Modi 's statements, terming them a "disaster", according to <link>*Times of India <link>* .

In a statement issued by Congress' senior spokesperson, Anand Sharma, the opposition party said: "Prime Minister Modi 's cavalier conduct of foreign policy at the Commonwealth Summit in London and the bilateral meeting with the British prime minister is hurting India's national interests."

"The prime minister's 'boastful' claims on surgical strike neutralising cross-border terror is 'embarrassing'," he was quoted as saying by the *Press Trust of India <link>* .

"He needs a firm reminder that India engages with its strategic partner countries with maturity and gravitas, and does not take sides or make an uninformed statement on issues of disputes between two strategic partner countries," Sharma said.

"The BJP government's Pakistan policy is a disaster. It is both unfortunate and unbecoming of him to say that India's prime minister speaks to Pakistan in its own language," he added.

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