'Dinner in the sky' restaurant being launched in Pakistan

'Dinner in the sky' restaurant being launched in Pakistan

KARACHI - A unique experience of dinner in the sky to the people of Karachi is being started in Pakistan. For the purpose, we are also in process of selecting menu best suitable to oriental taste”, Dinner In The Sky-Pakistan CEO Alit Atara said.

Pakistan will be world’s 65th country to have such flying dinner table after the formal launch of the restaurant in August. The concept is getting global recognition which has presence in Europe, United States, Dubai, Mexico, South-Africa, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, Brazil, India and Brazil.

“I have been searching the owner for three months to introduce in Pakistan this unique restaurant after an Indian restaurant launched the same”, Atara said, adding that after Karachi they will move to Lahore and Islamabad. Atara has also acquired the rights to launch the restaurant in Sri Lanka.

Founded in Belgium back in 2006, Dinner in the Sky takes guests to culinary heights, as they are literally hoisted 223 feet off the ground to dine with a bird’s-eye view of the city

The dinner table will be flying at an altitude of 72 meter (223 feet) above the ground level will have 22 seat capacity. Each seat is prepared in the protective manner with the adjusted belts. To balance the weight of the flying dining table, a crane system is used, which has been made with a German technology that helps in balancing the weight above the ground, Ali Atara informed saying the system will be approved by the Belgian experts.

The restaurant will provide services 8 hours per day with the total duration of 1 hour flight time and 20 minutes embarking per session. Total 6 flights per day are being offered and 132 people may have the excess to our incredible services daily. Apart from dinning the restaurant will also offer conference meetings in the sky.

The chefs will also be preparing and serving food to the guests while in the air. “We are negotiating with country’s top chefs to hire their services apart from the Belgian chefs”, Atara said. Responding to a question about the safety of visitors, Ali Atara said that the safety of customers up in the sky is the first priority. “Flying tables and chairs, are well seated and fully belted. We have adopted all mechanism of German norm Din 4112”, he added.

Dinner in the Sky observes international safety measures to an utmost level. Guests are secured with safety belts and are briefed with the safety regulations prior to taking off and there have been “zero incidents” since they’ve been operating. To avail the service in the sky, booking will done via online booking reservation system and payment would be made through credit cards, Atara noted.