Executive Vice President PTCL announces to invest in Gwadar Port


QUETTA, (APP): PTCL was going to make massive investment in port town of Gwadar in order to provide facilities to local and foreign investors, Executive Vice President, Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL-Business Zone South), Raza Hasnain said here Wednesday.

While talking to newsmen, he said that "The PTCL has planned to execute infrastructure project in Gwadar in order to make investment-friendly environment for the companies," he said.

He said that two major data centers of PTCL were already functioning in Lahore and Karachi adding that Gwadar telecom infrastructure would be connected with Karachi data center.

He said that presently, PTCL had been running international internet cable service through four sub-marines under deep sea water and had planned to expand its international internet service to neighboring countries including China.

"Pakistan is among one of those countries who have their international internet cable service through sub-marines and under-sea water system while PTCL has 90 percent control on this system in the country," he said, adding that PTCL was also going to provide this service to neighboring friendly countries including China.

Hasnain said Dubai attracted international business worth billions of dollars as large ships availed its port facilities. He however, said that Gwadar would have better port facilities in comparison with Dubai port.

"Large ships cannot directly be parked at Dubai port but due to having its special berth position in sea, large ships would directly be parked at berths of Gwadar deep sea port," he said, adding that it would help in attracting revenue worth billions of dollars for Pakistan as international marine traffic would directly move to Gwadar for loading and off-loading of goods.

He said when the Gwadar deep sea port was going to become the best international port of the world, the PTCL had planned to carryout massive investment to provide all necessary telecom infrastructures facilities to international companies who would invest in industries and other sectors in Gwadar.

"PTCL will provide telecom infrastructure alongside CPEC from Gwadar to inside China besides providing all facilities in Baluchistan in this regard," he said.

In reply to a question, he said that PTCL had planned Rs 02 billion investments in different parts of the country in 2016, adding that a remarkable investment would be made in Gwadar. He said that two major data centers of PTCL were located in Karachi and Lahore, respectively, adding that Gwadar would be connected with Karachi center.

He opined that Pakistan could get benefit from this situation if it got improvement in three sectors which include making Gwadar deep sea port completely functional, availing energy from Thar coal reserves of Sindh which could meet total energy requirement of the entire country and third bringing betterment in law and order situation.

He said that CPEC and Gwadar would be completely functional and connected with Russia, Central Asian states, China, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Europe and rest of the world in term of trade activities within next five to 10 years.