What the new survey reveals about popularity of PM Imran Khan government?

What the new survey reveals about popularity of PM Imran Khan government?

*ISLAMABAD - A new survey conducted by a reputed research organisation has revealed interesting facts about PM Imran Khan government.*

*The survey conducted by a prominent research foundation indicates that people have more confidence in the newly-elected government as 52 percent of the citizens countrywide surveyed believe that Imran Khan’s government will be better than the previous governments.*

Conducted by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan, the survey finds that 52% of Pakistanis believe that Imran Khan’s tenure will be better than the previous government as compared to 61% who had similar views for Nawaz Sharif’s tenure back in 2013.

“A nationally representative sample of men and women from across the four provinces was asked “Imran Khan’s tenure as Prime Minister will be better, worse or same as the previous government?”.

In response to this question, 52% said it will be better, 21% said it will be worse, 20% said that there will be no change while 7% did not respond to the question. [image: Imran Khan govt survey] link: Gallup

The same question was asked 5 years ago in 2013 when Nawaz Sharif’s tenure as Prime Minister was starting, 61% said it will be better than the previous tenure, 13% said it will be worse while 25% said it will be the same as before.

Imran Khan’s PTI emerged as the single largest political party after the July 25 elections.

Khan was sworn-in as prime minister of Pakistan on August 17. The new PM has promised to create millions of jobs and build world-class hospitals and schools in the country.

After spending much of his political career on the fringes, the Oxford-educated former sportsman rose to power on a populist platform, and in recent years his anti-corruption message has increasingly resonated with Pakistanis, especially the young.