Top five World destinations for working abroad by job seekers

Top five World destinations for working abroad by job seekers

ISLAMABAD - According to the latest edition of the Boston Consulting Group’s Decoding Global Talent, workers looking for job abroad are most likely to want to head to the United States, Germany , Canada , UK and Australia .



Despite recent policy changes that are less than welcoming towards immigrants, the US remains the most attractive country for foreign workers.

It is the number one choice of people living in Latin America, the Caribbean, and sub-Saharan Africa, and second among workers from the Middle East and North Africa and Europe.


Germany has replaced the UK in second position. According to the report, workers from countries like Spain, Denmark, Poland, and Romania who were previously keen on the UK , now have their eye on Germany . The country has welcomed many foreigners in recent years, and has a booming economy.


Canada , with an immigration policy that welcomes the young and well educated, providing they can speak English or French, is third. According to the 2016 census, more than one-fifth of the Canadian population was born in another country. The majority of new immigrants (60%) were admitted under an economic category.


Australia , in fourth place, has appeared in the top five for the first time. Workers living in the UK said Australia was their preferred destination, while those in India and South Africa put it second.


The UK has dropped three places since 2014, and now sits in fifth position. Political turmoil following the nation’s Brexit vote is largely responsible for its dip in popularity. Even people who already work there are thinking of leaving. According to a survey last year, one-third of all non-British workers in the UK are looking to leave within the next five years