Pakistani diaspora in middle east launch unique initiative for Diamer Bhasha Dam fund

Pakistani diaspora in middle east launch unique initiative for Diamer Bhasha Dam fund

QATAR - The Pakistani diaspora living in Qatar has taken a unique initiative for the Diamer Bhasha Dam fund raising.

Pakistani Qatari have launched an awareness campaign to facilitate the construction of Diamer Bhasha and Mohmand dam funds following Prime Minister Imran Khan's appeal for overseas Pakistanis to donate generously towards the cause.

With an earnest feeling of being indebted towards their nation of origin especially at a time of need (when Pakistan faces sever water crises) Pakistanis residing in Qatar have taken it upon themselves to urge the overseas community to generate funds for the dams as heavily as they can.

The campaign entitled ‘Hum Banain Gay Dam’, was conceptualised and created by Pakistani professionals in Qatar, said Anwer Mirza, an investment professional based in Qatar. Crystallising their efforts in a video that highlights the significance of donations for these dams, they have propagated an inherent public service message that encourages the idea of supporting the cause which stands imperative in the development of the country.

The campaign video has insofar garnered considerable appraisal from around the globe, most importantly at home, with premier Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s media cell taking apt notice subsequently thanking the Pakistani-Qataris for their ingenious efforts.

The campaign has come at a time when the Pakistani community in Qatar, although small in size (almost under 100,000), felt a dire need to create an impact that would benefit their homeland. Despite strict governing laws in their country that restrict them from financing charities overseas, the idea behind the ‘Hum Banain Gay Dam’ movement is to motivate and mobilise people to get on board with the idea and donate, not only in Qatar but other countries to do the same.