Gwadar being developed as "Smart Port City"

Gwadar being developed as

ISLAMABAD: The Planning Commission has initiated the process to launch a project for developing Gwadar as an integrated ‘smart port city’.

The plan aims to leverage information technology-based solutions to boost economic productivity and quality of life of Gwadar citizens, whilst minimising resource consumption and pollution.

With the inclusion of the port in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, there is an urgent need to update the existing plan to reflect the new strategic direction, a Planning Commission document said.

The current master plan of Gwadar city, last updated in 2005, has two interdependent elements: the port and the city of Gwadar

The strategic focus on simultaneous development is primarily due to the natural, symbolic relationship that exists between a port and the city that surrounds it; one cannot be developed without the other.