Why PM Imran Khan sacked his advisor?

Why PM Imran Khan sacked his advisor?

ISLAMABAD: Former focal person to Prime Minister Imran Khan on polio Babar Bin Atta misused his authority after which PM asked him to resign, it was revealed.

Sources said reports against Atta were submitted to PM Imran by chief secretary KPK and he was summoned to PM office and asked to resign within 12 hours. He was told that if he did not resign then he would be dismissed from the post.

Sources revealed that baseless reports were compiled in polio cases and Atta neglected Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan in this regard.

Atta used anti polio program for his personal gains. He pressurized authorities for appointment of DHOs of his own will. He hired a social media team by violating the merit and appointed his close friends in team. The social media team was highly paid.

He appointed director communication in anti polio program illegally and lobbied with international donor for personal gains