Nawaz Sharif terms NAB proceedings as "murder of Justice"

Nawaz Sharif terms NAB proceedings as

LONDON - Nawaz Sharif termed the National Accountability Bureau proceedings against his family as ‘murder of justice’ on Thursday.

While speaking to media, he remarked “You tell me if this is justice or murder of justice” when asked about his indictment in corruption cases.

He reiterated his earlier claims that the Supreme Court’s verdict in which he was disqualified and had to step down as country’s prime minister was given on Iqama (work permit) and not Panama.

“First there was Panama case , which went on for a long time, then Iqama came in front,” he remarked, adding that “decision was not given on Panama but Iqama.”

So many people in Pakistani have iqamas, but because “they couldn’t give a verdict on Panama so they used Iqama,” he added.

“Today’s verdict [of the accountability court] is also related to the initial verdict” he claimed.

“I would have accepted the decision had it exposed any corruption or government taking kickbacks,” but nothing came to the forefront, former prime minister remarked.

Criticising the Joint Investigation Team, which was formed to probe his assets, he claimed that “JIT tried its best [to incriminate me] and my opposers were handpicked to become members of the JIT.”

“Of course, they had to give such a report,” he said referring to his earlier claims that the JIT’s report was biased against him.

“I think that if our justice system continues like this then we will get nothing but embarrassment.”

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