Shahid Afridi lashes out at opponents

Shahid Afridi lashes out at opponents

KARACHI: While lashing out at his opponents, former T20 skipper Shahid Afridi alleged that few people tried to do his media trial to secure their position in Cricket Board after poor performance in T20 World Cup.

As per details, Afridi was interviewed by a foreign news agency here at today. Former skipper vowed to come back in Pakistani cricket team performing well in county cricket while he would make every possible efforts to improve his performance.

He further added that he is always ready to play for Pakistan while Pakistan succeeded to lift the title of T20 Championship in 2009 due to his good performance.

Expressing his grief over the criticism by coach and manger on his poor performance, Shahid Afridi said that he was trialed in media by coach and manager while he was not only responsible for poor performance in T20 World Cup.

It is also worthy to mention here that Pakistan is going to play T20, ODI and Test Series with England but several key players including Shahid Afridi were ignored by selectors.