Mushaal Malik reacts to Indian nefarious design in Indian Occupied Kashmir

Mushaal Malik reacts to Indian nefarious design in Indian Occupied Kashmir

PESHAWAR, May 19 (APP): Mushaal Malik reacts to Indian nefarious design in Indian Occupied Kashmir


Chairperson Peace & Culture Organization, (PCO) Mushaal Hussein Malik has expressed grave concern over Indian government's move to create separate Sainik Colonies in the Indian Occupied State and warned it would only result in building walls of hatred, just like Israel led plan in Palestine.


According to a press released here Thursday, Mushaal Hussein declared it a conspiracy and vowed to support Kashmiri Leadership in every protest against such nefarious designs.


"The Kashmiri Muslims, despite facing the worse difficulties, have kept the passion of mutual brotherhood, religious harmony, composite culture and not broken the chain of living together," said Chairperson Peace and Culture Organization.


This is why, she continued, despite the large scale propaganda exercised by the Indian state to divide Kashmir on religious grounds, more than 10,000 Kashmiri pundits are residing in Kashmir with harmony and peace.


These Pandit brethren are running their own hotels, schools, colleges,running business establishments and facing no problem while living in Kashmiri Mohallas and communities, she said.


Kashmiri Muslims did not shun this passion of religious harmony even in 1947 when Muslims were being massacred by RSS terrorists in Jammu, the Kashmiri Muslims instead safeguarded their Kashmiri Pandit brethren and other non Muslim minorities in Kashmir, Mushall recalled.


Actually it is nothing but a scheme to spread anarchy and weaken the freedom struggle in Indian Occupied Kashmir, she believed.


In times of Globalisation, when the world is becoming closer, India is trying to cage and take Kashmir to stone age by creating such walls of hatred and revenge, though it is their wishful thinking but as per history such endeavors have always failed to build and strengthen forced occupation, she hoped.


Mushaal criticized the present Chief Minister of Indian Occupied Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti and said that it is once again proven that Mehbooba Mufti is nothing more than a puppet and cannot be a representative of living people, so the matter of separate Sainik colonies in the name of rehabilitation or security is totally unacceptable at all costs.


The World knows India has occupied Jammu Kashmir by force and has been adopting different tactics to destruct Kashmiri people's freedom struggle and unity throughout past practices including farce elections that take place in the valley after every four to five years .


While diverting global community attention towards this mentioned plan, Mushaal Hussain said the World should take notice of such dangerous objectives to ruin the fabric of Kashmiri society which can create detrimental and harmful consequences.


"United Nations and member countries should put pressure on India to withdraw occupation forces from Jammu Kashmir," she demanded.


She also condemned the cold blooded murders in Occupied Kashmir and described fresh act of terrorism as a result of which a dozen were also injured.


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