Government and opposition agree to form Panama Leaks committee

Government and opposition agree to form Panama Leaks committee

ISLAMABAD: Government and opposition have agreed to form 12-member parliamentary committee to formulate joint Terms of References over the issue of Panama leaks.

As per details, an important meeting regarding the preparation of terms of references was held under the chairmanship of National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq, while opposition parties representatives also participated in the meeting.

It has been decided in the meeting that a parliamentary committee consisting of 12 members having 6 members each from opposition and government side would be constituted to finalize terms of references while committee would present its suggestion in House within two weeks.

During the meeting, opposition parties representatives said that supervision of committee should be given to opposition member because TORs demand had been made by opposition.

Government sides representatives took plea that supervision of committee should be given as per rules because committee supervision is given to those who have majority in Assembly however both sides decided that committee would not be supervised and government and opposition members would sit in front of one another.

Pervaiz Rashid said that final parliamentary committee would be formed tomorrow in NA session while parliamentary committee would identify those who were involved in writing-off loans, offshore companies and kick backs.

On the other hand, opposition has sent name of six members for the parliamentary committee to NA Speaker that includes Senator Aitzaz Ahsan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Ghulam Ahmad Balor, Sher Pao, Tariq Ullah and Bashir Cheema.