PCB reveals results of Coronavirus tests conducted against 128 players and staff officials of PSL

PCB reveals results of Coronavirus tests conducted against 128 players and staff officials of PSL

Lahore, 19 March 2020: The Pakistan Cricket Board today confirmed it conducted 128 COVID-19 tests on the players, support staff, match officials, broadcasters and team owners on Tuesday, 17 March, and all results have turned out to be negative. The tests were conducted as part of the PCB’s duty of care, following a suspect COVID-19 case.

Additionally, Multan Sultans underwent 17 COVID-19 tests on Monday, 16 March, which were also negative.

PCB Chief Executive Wasim Khan said: “It was absolutely critical for the integrity and credibility of the HBL Pakistan Super League and the Pakistan Cricket Board that all players, support personnel, broadcasters and match officials, those who had decided to stay back till the end of the tournament, tested negative for COVID-19.

“In this background, the PCB is pleased with the outcome of the results and happy that all these players and officials have rejoined their families without any health and safety doubts or concerns.

“The PCB will continue to put in place precautionary measures to better safeguard the health of its employees.

“I urge cricket fans and followers to exercise absolute caution and value their as well as others’ wellbeing. They can overcome this pandemic by maintaining hygiene, avoiding close physical contact like handshaking and hugs, staying away from gatherings, avoiding close contact when anyone who is experiencing cough and fever, and spreading awareness about safety measures.

“The PCB prays normalcy returns quickly to our society so that playing fields can once again witness resumption of healthy activities.”

Meanwhile, all the 25 remaining foreign players, support staff and match officials have already departed for their respective destinations.

*PCB statements in the lead up to the HBL PSL 2020 postponement are available **here* link*.*

PCB health advisory:

- *Wash your hands with soap / alcoholic sanitizers regularly and especially after coughing or sneezing, before & after eating food and after toilet use;* - *Use tissue papers / handkerchief while sneezing;* - *Properly dispose off used tissue papers / handkerchief etc. in dust bins; * - *Avoid hand shaking and hugging with each other;* - *Avoid close contact when anyone is experiencing cough and fever *