US again raises concern about China’s activity in South China Sea

WASHINGTON: US again raised concerns about China’s activity in South China Sea .


US Navy Chief Admiral Richardson claimed that Chinese ships have been seen around Scarborough Shoal about 125 miles away in west of Philippine base of Subic Bay.


He said “I think we see some surface ship activity and those sorts of things, surve type of activity, going on. That’s an area of concern-a next possible area of reclamation.”


He claimed that South China Sea dispute is ruling in the court but China is violating international law by building artificial islands.


He claimed that China is militarizing the disputed sea which raised concerns among the regional countries.


He said “We have to be sophisticated in how we approach this so that we don’t force any of our partners into an uncomfortable position where they have to make tradeoffs that are not in their best interest.”


China has also deployed defence missile batteries at the Woody Island in South China Sea with a claim to protect its coastal sovereignty.


China claims the whole South China Sea while other regional countries have rival claims.


At least $1.2 trillion trade passes through South China Sea every year.

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