PM stresses promotion of national values and ideology

PM stresses promotion of national values and ideology

ISLAMABAD-Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for immediate steps to acquaint the new generation with the national identity and to promote social values and ideology of Pakistan among them.

He was talking to writers and intellectuals via video link.

The Prime Minister said our famous writers whose writings are equally popular in every section of the society can play a key role in this regard.

He said efforts for the promotion of national culture, civilization and ‘Pakistaniyat’ will be welcomed at the government level. He said government is paying special attention to reform Pakistan Television so that it can play its role in highlighting national identity as in the past. He hoped that private channels will also play their full role in this regard.

Emphasizing on the importance of highlighting national values and ideology of Pakistan, the Prime Minister said modern media, easy access to all kinds of content on internet, especially objectionable material, and the invasion of western norms and foreign culture, are posing serious challenges to our values, education and training of our younger generation.

He said the onslaught of foreign culture which is repugnant to Islamic morals and national values, is posing serious threat to our history, culture and social values. He said at the same time knowledge about Islamic heroes, ancestors and national history is becoming limited among the new generations.