PM Imran Khan announces names of members of 'AabPak' Authority

PM Imran Khan announces names of members of 'AabPak' Authority

*LAHORE: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday approved the board members of Aab-e-Pak Authority, established for the provision of safe drinking water to the whole of population of Punjab.*

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar has been appointed the authority’s patron-in-chief while Ahmed Nawaz Saleem has been named as chairman Aab-e-Pak Authority.

The other members include Faisal Mukhtar (West Punjab), Rabia Zia, Mian Talat and Faisal Ahmed.

Punjab governor said the Aab-e-Pak Authority project will provide clean water to the entire Punjab province.

The Punjab Assembly had set up the Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority as the House passed the authority’s Bill 2019 with a majority vote on March 14. However, the opposition had objected to the position of patron-in-chief being given to the governor.

The idea of creating filtration plants across the province was conceived by Mr Sarwar himself and he had given a detailed presentation to Prime Minister Imran Khan when he visited Lahore in November last year.

The newly-established authority will provide clean drinking water to nearly 110 million people by installing water filtration plants all over Punjab.