PTI demands action against NADRA chief for ‘helping PML-N’

PTI demands action against NADRA chief for ‘helping PML-N’

ISLAMABAD: The PTI has decided to approach the ECP against the Chairman NADRA for allegedly helping the PML-N to win elections.

Babar Awan, PTI’s senior leader, has prepared a petition against Usman Mubin, seeking his removal from the post of chairman NADRA.

In the petition, the PTI alleged that Mr. Mobeen was providing valuable data to the PML-N to help the party win elections.

Mr. Awan said that Usman Mobeen was appointed NADRA’s chairman by the PML-N , claiming that fair and free elections could not be held in his presence.

NADRA rejects allegations

The NADRA spokesman has termed the allegations leveled by the PTI as baseless.

According to a statement issued here, the spokesman said NADRA has a limited role with regards to the conduct of elections and is only assisting the ECP in a technical role.

He further clarified that the NADRA didn’t provide any kind of data to any political party.

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