Meera once again trolls Maryam Nawaz on twitter

Meera once again trolls Maryam Nawaz on twitter

Meera has once again trolled the PM’s daughter, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, on Twitter.

Maryam took to Twitter to congratulate the Pakistan cricket team. “We are the champions. Congratulations & well done Team Pakistan,” she tweeted.

Replying to this tweet, Meera reminded her of the load-shedding menace that persists across the country.
People lauded Meera for her savage response.Earlier, Meera had looked up a nearly year-old tweet of the PM’s daughter and lashed out over power cuts.

She went on to call PM Nawaz Sharif a ‘butcher’. “Oh baji, your father is a butcher,” she tweeted. “We are dying because of no electricity today. Bahir temperature check kiya hai? Butchers all of you.”

Meera said the above-mentioned words while retweeting Maryam’s video that was tweeted in August last year, showing Nawaz’s supporters love for the PM.