DG ISPR Maj General Asif Ghafoor hits India hard

DG ISPR Maj General Asif Ghafoor hits India hard

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's victory in the Champions Trophy final against arch rival India has sent waves of jubilation not only across entire Pakistan but people of Indian Occupied Kashmir have enjoyed and celebrated the Indian disgraceful defeat at the hands of Pakistan even more than the Pakistan.

In light of Pakistan's win over India in the ICC Champion's Trophy, the Pakistan Army official spokesperson and DG ISPR, Asif Ghafoor, took to Twitter to ridicule India. 

Posting a picture of Balochistanis celebrating the win, he wrote, "This is our Pakistan." 

He further wrote, "To whom it may concern. Lay off."

Half an hour after this, he posted a video of celebrations in Srinagar. 

On 15th August last year, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his Independence Day address, "I want to thank the people of Balochistan, Gilgit and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir for acknowledging me and for the goodwill they have shown towards me."

Pakistani leaders responded strongly to this remark, saying that the situation in Balochistan could not be compared to the situation in Kashmir.