Afghan Taliban top leader important message for the World

Afghan Taliban top leader important message for the World

KABUL – Amid the deadly clashes between the Afghan armed forces and Taliban fighters in the war-torn country, the supreme leader of the Taliban Hibatullah Akhundzada said he ‘strenuously favours’ a political settlement to the ongoing conflict.

Soon after a senior delegation of the Afghan government and Taliban representatives met in Doha for high-stakes negotiations, the chief of insurgents released a message ahead of Eid Ul-Adha. “In spite of the military gains and advances, the Islamic Emirate strenuously favors a political settlement in the country", it stated.

Akhundzada further added that “Every opportunity for the establishment of an Islamic system, peace and security that presents itself will be made use of by the Islamic Emirate.”

Committing to play a constructive role in war rages state, the top Taliban leader added his group remained committed to forging a solution to end the war but ‘slammed the opposition parties for wasting time.'

“Let us resolve our issues among ourselves and rescue our homeland from the prevailing crisis instead of relying on foreigners”, the statement further added.

Earlier, a senior delegation comprised of several high-ranking officials, including former chief executive Abdullah Abdullah participated in the negotiation talks. They were joined by negotiators from the Taliban’s political office in Doha. After the hour-long session, talks would resume today.

Meanwhile, Taliban fighters have capitalised on the last stages of the withdrawal of US and other foreign troops from Afghanistan to launch a series of lightning offensives across large swathes of the South Asian country and are now believed to control roughly half of the nation´s 400 districts.

Afghan officials and insurgents are saying that dialogue is the only way forward but actions on the ground speak a very different language.