There is no evidence of corruption against my brother, says Shehbaz

There is no evidence of corruption against my brother, says Shehbaz

ISLAMABAD: PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif visited Rajanpur and said there is no evidence in the investigation against his brother Nawaz Sharif.

Speaking at an election rally, he criticised the treatment of his brother, calling the case against him “very weak”. He said on his first night at the Adiala Jail, Nawaz was made to sleep on the floor. This is the way they treat a three-time premier, he lamented.

Nawaz knew he and his daughter would go to jail, said Shehbaz, reiterating that there is no evidence of his involvement in corruption.

Imran Khan

Shehbaz also criticised PTI chief Imran Khan at the event. He said the ‘favourites’ have been given free rein in the country, while others were being suppressed.

“Ilzaam [accusation] Khan wasn’t able to produce even a single megawatt of electricity,” he said. Like his mind, the seats at Imran’s rallies are empty, the PML-N president taunted.

When dengue cases were reported Peshawar, Imran was up in the mountains but when dengue cases were reported in Lahore he called us the dengue brothers, criticised Shehbaz.

We have to defeat the bat, arrow and jeep logos, he urged.


He also spoke about his government’s achievements during its last tenure.

Student’s scholarships have been increased from Rs200 to Rs1,000, he said, adding that they established a medical university in Rahimyar Khan.

He spoke about the hospitals his government set up in Muzzafargarh and Rajanpur, saying even America does not have hospitals like this.

The hospital in Rajanpur provides free of charge treatment, he said, adding that it has 24 hour CT scan facilities.

We made a university in Dera Ghazi Khan as well as a school, said Shehbaz.

If God puts me in office again I will come to the aid of the people, he told participants of the event. We have worked for the development and prosperity of South Punjab, he reiterated, adding that during the floods he was there with the people of Rajanpur.

“There is no doubt that South Punjab belongs to the PML-N,” he said.