PTI gives a worst blow to PML N in Lahore

PTI gives a worst blow to PML N in Lahore

LAHORE - Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Thursday gave a worst blow to PMLN as a big majority of Lahore traders association have quit PMLN and joined PTI today.

Imran Khan while addressing trading community said that the traders’ community helped him at the time when he was gathering money to built Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

Addressing the traders during a ceremony in Lahore, Khan criticized PML-N saying, “So far I came to hear that the PML-N has an experienced team and will improve the condition of the economy.”

“During the last month, depreciation of rupee added to debt burden. People’s deposits value in banks fell by 20%. Economy, manufacturing and the institutions have been destroyed. Earlier, it happened in Zardari’s era and now PML-N has further weakened the economy. Downfall of every institution in the country entailed feeble economy,” he denounced.

The leader who lives abroad cannot understand the suffering of masses, condemned Khan.

“Three-time PM sons are settled in London. They became billionaire over there and do not consider themselves as Pakistanis,” he said.

The PTI chiarmen went on to say that the leadership who demands their citizens to bring money back to Pakistan but send their own in foreign accounts can never think about the country.

“PTI will make a joint policy with traders. Our government will lower the taxes so that maximum people can enter the tax net. The problem of Pakistan is unemployment. In the past years, minimum investment has been witnessed. US ‘s economy went up after Trump lowered the taxes,” asserted Imran Khan.