Judges' phones are tapped, lives not safe: Justice Shaukat Siddiqui

Judges' phones are tapped, lives not safe: Justice Shaukat Siddiqui

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad High Court's Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui Wednesday said that phones of judges are tapped in the country and their lives are not safe.

During the hearing of a case relating to missing persons, a representative of an intelligence agency appeared before the court.

In his remarks, Justice Siddiqui said that his associates try to get benches of their choice made and the acts of such individuals should come to the fore.

The court in its written verdict mentioned that picking up citizens, businessmen and influential figures from Islamabad has become a routine.

The IHC judge said that intelligence agencies should understand their constitutional responsibility, demanding an end to interference in judiciary, the executive and other institutions.

The written verdict read that intelligence agencies should focus on the country, and the perception of a state above the state should be dispelled.

It would be disastrous if interference in other institutions was not ended, it said.

Justice Siddiqui wrote in the verdict that this alarming situation should be understood and individuals should be prevented from interfering in other institutions.

The court further ordered sending a copy of the verdict to defence and interior secretaries.

Meanwhile, a missing person presented before the court stated that he had been gone out of his own will, however, his brother informed the court that the man was allegedly picked by the agencies.

At this, Justice Siddiqui remarked that the recovered man appeared to be frightened.

He said that no one should understand himself as the sole counsellor, adding that police were helpless before the agencies.

The court also expressed displeasure with SP Investigation of Islamabad Police.

Justice Siddiqui further remarked that an officer, who is unable to speak truth, afraid of [consequences] or who is being prudent, should not be in the police department.