Daesh abducts 12 mine workers in Afghanistan

Daesh abducts 12 mine workers in Afghanistan

KABUL - At least 12 mine-clearing workers were abducted by Daesh insurgents in eastern Kunuar province on Wednesday evening, local officials confirmed on Thursday.

The incident happened at about 7pm local time in Dara-e-Pech valley of Nangala district of the province when the workerswere clearing an area of IEDs, a spokesman for the provincial governor, Ghani Musamim said.

He said that “efforts are ongoing to release the deminers.”

According to him, the deminers work for a local company called AREA. He did not however provide further details.

AP meanwhile reported that Walayut Khan Moshwani, the head of the provincial council in Kunar, said both local government officials and tribal elders are in negotiations to get the men freed.

Abdul Shakoor Yusoufi, the AREA director, told AP that the 12 included 10 de-miners, a team leader and a doctor.

Another AREA staff member, Aref Azami, told TOLOnews also confirmed the abduction but would not give further details.