PM Nawaz Sharif mocks so called accountability against him

PM Nawaz Sharif mocks so called accountability against him
SIALKOT: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Wednesday vowed to take Pakistan amongst the top
ranking developed countries and said the masses had rejected
the negative politics that wanted to push the country back to the stone age.

He was addressing the Sialkot Chambers of Commerce and
Industry after inaugurating the Riaz-uddin Sheikh Business Centre, where the business community of the
industrial city reposed full confidence in his economic policies and stressed continuity.

Prime Minister Sharif said the Pakistan of 2017 was much
better than the one of 2013 and those demanding his resignation were the ones who did not wish to take Pakistan
towards stability.

He said the past four years of negative politics had slowed the pace of progress. He said he believed that the only way forward was to address poverty, unemployment and terrorism, by undertaking development in all spheres.

The prime minister regretted that the ongoing so-called
accountability was only aimed at creating disability in the country.
He said not even a penny of corruption had been proved against him.
He said he and his party would come out clean from all this mess, that had been going on since 2014.

He mentioned the earlier two phases of the sit-ins that only created
hurdles in Pakistan’s march towards progress and prosperity.

The prime minister rejected the ongoing campaign against
his pro-development government and said the stock market rose
from 19,000 to 54,000 points since he came into power.

He, however, regretted that due to the ongoing situation it slumped
by 10,000 points. “Who is responsible for this loss?” he questioned.
He said the US 56 billion dollars investment by China in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor were delayed by six months due to the sit-in at Islamabad.

He said his government was being held accountable for the past 44 years.
He said his family had always been victimised in the past and had been
targeted for serving the masses.
Today Balochistan was a productive and integral part of Pakistan, owing to the selfless service to the masses, the
prime minister said.

He said only the one who sincerely believed in the uplift of the common man, the welfare of the farmers, the
betterment of industrialists and businessmen, could serve the
masses in the best possible manner.
He said work on the completion of different sections of the motorways
was going ahead at a fast pace.

He mentioned the progress on Karachi-Hyderabad, Sialkot- Lahore and Multan-Karachi sections. He termed it an extensive infrastructure development
Programme that was unprecedented in Pakistan’s history.

He said a number of road projects were near completion and added he
would inaugurate the new sections soon. The prime minister said the first two years of his government were spent on arranging funds for the development
projects and said today the long hours of loadshedding were a
thing of the past.

He said every few days ahead, a new power project would
be adding electricity to the national grid.
He said only a few years back the people were sick and tired of
endless power outages, unemployment, lawlessness and lack of

He said country’s railways network would be upgraded by
an investment of billions.
He said his government saved Rs168 billion in three power projects alone due to transparency and better management.

He said his government had worked very hard to turn around the country’s economy and said he was proud to note
that all projects had been completed with complete transparency.
He said Pakistan would soon have abundant, cheap electricity and
pointed its cost had dropped from Rs15 to Rs10 per unit and hoped that it would soon be down to Rs8.

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