Supreme Court gives final deadline to government over NAB prosecutor general appointment

Supreme Court gives final deadline to government over NAB prosecutor general appointment

ISLAMABAD : The Supreme Court on Friday expressed displeasure over the federal government for dragging its feet to fill the vacant post of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) prosecutor general.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar, who headed a bench of the apex court, was informed that the summary regarding appointment of the bureau’s prosecutor will be sent to the president, which is expected to be approved by Tuesday.

He directed the government to appoint the new NAB prosecutor by Monday and submit a compliance report.

Earlier, the bench asked the federal law secretary to come up with an explanation as to what efforts had been made to appoint the prosecutor general.

The chief justice became visibly irked when he was informed that the NAB prosecutor was not appointed despite the Attorney General’s assurances to the court.

What was the government trying by delaying the appointment of the NAB prosecutor, wondered the chief justice.

Justice Ijazul Ahsan remarked that the NAB chairman had recommended five names for the slot to the government, it was upon it to select a suitable, well reputed and efficient prosecutor from them.

At the previous hearing, the attorney general had sought one week’s time for filling the vacant post of the NAB prosecutor general. He informed the judges that a new prosecutor general will be appointed within a week.

Who was responsible for delay in the appointment of the NAB prosecutor, Justice Gulzar Ahmed asked, lamenting that it was unfortunate that the country lacked any policy.

The bureau’s prosecution department was suffering owing to absence of the prosecutor general, he observed and remarked the authorities were dragging their feet to fill the post to benefit someone. Why the law department was not fulfilling its responsibilities, the judge asked.

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