Road to peace in Afghanistan goes through Pakistan

Road to peace in Afghanistan goes through Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - Once again tensions are on the peak on eastern border. India consistently resorts to unprovoked firing along LoC that leaves innocent civilians dead on both sides.

The situation is deplorable. India should realize that regional issues can only be resolved through sincere efforts and negotiations. Such subversive activities will create hurdles in the peace process.

The US-India nexus has further worsened the situation. India’s rapidly expanding military and nuclear program poses a serious threat to peace and stability in the region and beyond.

The only agenda of the US-India nexus is to pressurize Pakistan and gain their aims and objective through cheap tactics. Peace in Afghanistan is closely connected with recognizing and acknowledging the sacrifices of Pakistan in the war against terrorism. Secondly Pakistan itself is a victim of cross border terrorism.

The Pak-US, Pak-India relationships have become very complex in recent months but Pakistan has opted a better option by behaving wisely and calmly in these circumstances.

Fauzia Nasreen (Former Ambassador)

Every country has right to pursue its national interests and recent statement of Foreign Office is significant in this regard. The role of Pakistan for peace and security in Afghanistan is acknowledged by the world community.

The US must accept this reality that peace in Afghanistan cannot be achieved without taking Pakistan on board. Pakistan has rendered matchless sacrifices for regional peace. Pakistan has launched numerous operations against terrorists.

After all these efforts Pakistan must safeguard its sovereignty and national interest. Pakistan has always endorsed and positively participated in any initiative taken to end bloodshed in Afghanistan.

No country in the world can pressurize Pakistan by dictations. India deliberately target innocent civilians along Loc. Such activities will further escalate the prevailing situation between two contraries.