CM Shehbaz inspects burn unit of Jinnah Hospital

CM Shehbaz inspects burn unit of Jinnah Hospital

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday paid a surprise visit to burn unit of Jinnah Hospital and inspected the medical facilities being provided to the patients there.


The CM also inquired about the health of the patients and the quality of facilities provided to them. He went to the ICU as well.


Talking to the doctors, he said that those treating the patients were crown of his head and he had been happy to see the young doctors working here, adding, "Serving the ailing humanity is our collective mission." He assured them that he had been ready to sit with them to solve their problems.


"I am not an opponent of the young doctors, rather I appreciate the ones who serve the ailing humanity with dedication," he added.


He said that he had dedicated his life to serving the ailing humanity and the purpose of this visit was to further improve the quality of facilities being provided in this hospital.


Talking to the media, he said that a state-of-the-art burn unit had been set up in the hospital and he was happy to see the neat and clean atmosphere around. Best equipment as well as the highly-trained staff was present to serve the patients, he added.


He said that state-of-the-art surgical tower had been set up at Mayo Hospital which would be fully operationalized in next two weeks and latest machinery had been installed in the surgical tower. He said that burn units had been set up in Faisalabad and Multan and it had been decided to establish two more burn units.


The Chief Minister reiterated that provision of quality healthcare facilities to the people was his mission and every possible resource were being utilized to achieve this goal.


Replying to different questions of the media, he said that a drama was staged in the name of political gathering in Lahore yesterday in which heads of the political parties from across the country took part and they were all guests of Mr. Qadri.


"The real objective of yesterday's drama was not to seek my resignation, but it was actually aimed at targeting the development projects, he added.


He said, "We have established most modern projects to serve the masses across the province and many mega projects of public service have been completed in the province. The architects of this drama are not opposing me but are, in fact, opposing these public welfare schemes."


These elements had failed to perform in their provinces during the last four-and-a-half year. He said that was why they were avoiding the masses of their provinces. "When dengue attacked Peshawar then we did not stage the sit-in drama and instead sent a medical team there to treat the patients," he said and added, "We also sent medicines and Khan Sahib escaped to the mountain due to the fear of dengue.


He said, "We are providing high-quality medicines to the patients in public sector hospitals, adding that CT scan machines were being installed in all the DHQ Hospitals, similarly, dozens of many more health units had been arranged for the people. The sit-in group was, in fact, opposing these public welfare projects. These elements had done nothing for the people in their provinces and now they were shameful, he added.


Shehbaz Sharif said that he congratulated the people of Punjab and especially the masses living in Lahore on behalf of PML-N leader Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Punjab government as well as the party that they had totally rejected this agitation drama.


He said that due to the agitators, people faced difficulties and schools, college and markets remained closed. These people had wasted time and also ignored the people of their provinces and due to it, they were unnerved now, he said and added that these people had used slang language which no gentleman could even think of using. "The reply of their names-calling will be given in shape of public service," he said.


The Chief Minister said, "We have completed projects worth billions of rupees in Lahore and other districts for improving the overall infrastructure and social sectors," adding that he shall go to different districts soon to inaugurate them. He said, "These elements will continue to oppose development projects in guise of my resignation-demand but we will not stop serving the masses."


"These elements should realize facts and I am thankful to the people of Lahore again that the drama of these elements has been totally rejected," he added.


Replying to a question about summon issued by NAB, the Chief Minister said that if NAB or any other body could prove corruption of even a single penny during his three tenures, then he shall be fully answerable to the people.


Replying to a question, he said that work on Zainab murder case was being investigated speedily, adding, "There are things which we should not disclose before-time." He said that criminals involved in Zainab murder case would be soon under the custody of law and they would be given exemplary punishment before the whole nation."


He said that brutal treatment was meted out with four year old Asma in Mardan.


He said, "Factory was put on fire in Karachi in which dozens of people were killed. What happened after these incidents and whether anybody raised voice about them? I am fully aware of my duties and shall fulfill them at every cost because we are answerable to Almighty Allah."


He said, "Pakistan consists of different federating units and therefore, we should adopt a national approach."


He said, "The elements that staged drama yesterday used loutish language but you may do as you like and we will give a response in shape of public service because we cannot practice the language used by you."


To another question, he said that why the elements that criticized the parliament were sitting in it and why should not they resign?


To a question asked about corruption, he said, "Khan Sahib should peep into his own conscience. Where are the claims of sowing one billion trees in KPK?"


Shehbaz Sharif said that the accountability department had been closed down and many serious allegations had been leveled at Khyber Bank.


"I have already said that I must be arrested if I have done any corruption, and if it is not done, then the matter has been closed."


He said, "China and Saudi Arabia are our friendly countries but ARY and Channel 92 leveled allegations about these countries. They leveled allegation that I was being investigated in Madina Munawara." He said, "I have sent notices to both the TV channels and if they have any proof, then show it so that the matter could be made crystal clear."


To another question, he said that the elements staging drama in Lahore yesterday were doing the politics of favoritism as corruption was sky-rocketed in their provinces. These people had raised graveyards of corruption instead of erecting minarets of developments in their provinces but despite that, they were talking big against corruption today," concluded the Chief Minister.