Another main Afghan city on verge of fall to Taliban as over 100 soldiers killed

Another main Afghan city on verge of fall to Taliban as over 100 soldiers killed

KABUL - Members of Farah provincial council on Thursday reported that the Taliban are pushing to capture Farah City after a week of clashes with security forces.

They said over a hundred security force members so far have been killed by the Taliban in the past week in the province.

In reaction to the report, lawmakers in Afghanistan’s Wolesi Jirga sharply criticized the Afghan security leaders over what they described as the turbulence in the security sector due to poor war management in volatile regions.

“We expect government to take action soon to tackle the current situation in Farah, otherwise the Taliban will take over Farah province, but keeping in mind that the Taliban has already taken over some areas of Farah,” said one MP Humaira Ayoubi.

MPs argue that local security leaders in Farah are not capable of leading the war against the insurgents. Farah has been facing deadly battles since the start of winter.

Reports from the war fronts in the province indicate that the Taliban has killed and wounded dozens of security force members after taking over their security check points in the area and that the group’s fighters are still advancing towards the provincial capital.

“Currently the security situation in Farah is much worse than any other region in the country. Fighting rages only two kilometers from Farah city, every night five to ten security force members are killed and Taliban seize their equipment. But the government so far has not done anything to tackle the issue,” said Khair Mohammad Noorzai, member of Farah provincial council.

Farah residents and local officials have urged government to improve the management of the war.

“Taliban have infiltrated some key regions of Farah city, the government has control only on key government compounds while the Taliban have taken over all other areas around Farah,” said one civil society activist in Farah Humayoun Shaheedzada.

Defense Ministry Talks Operation

Amid speculation over the possible collapse of Farah City to the Taliban, Afghan defense ministry officials have said that the army is planning a large-scale operation aimed at repressing the Taliban insurgents in the region.

“I want to say with confidence that the Taliban will take the dream of taking over Farah to their grave. The Taliban do not have the capacity to takeover Farah city,” a deputy defense ministry spokesman Mohammad Radmanish said Thursday.

Last year the Taliban managed to reach the entrance points into the city.

But the group this year, by changing its war tactics, has successfully inflicted a massive casualty toll on the embattled Afghan security forces in the province .